Robotic1400™ the original Robotic Loader is a dump box & 8 other transforming devices. 


Compare the Robotic1400 below with any Dump Box Insert

Patented Robotic1400™ is a dump box insert without messy hydraulics.

If you need a dump truck rent one, buy one, or contract it out.  Robotic1400 will pay for itself in less than 1 year over a dump box insert giving you over a 100% ROI.

Once a dump box insert is installed you have pretty much limited the other uses for a pickup truck. 

The Robotic Loader called Robotic1400 will give you many more options for your pickup.  One of the main options is safety.

Safety . . .  "It's Your Choice"

OSHA  Recommends mechanical lifting aids to reduce injuries.

Contact information & pricing info         608-643-5000    For our pricing program or intellectual property program.  Add this product to your line.  Call to see how you may be able to get a "Free" Robotic1400 to your largest customer(s) [Manufacturers only please] Ask For Howard

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